Confirmation is the sacramental rite in which an individual "confirms" his or her desire to be a follower of Jesus Christ through a mature affirmation of faith. Our faith journeys are unique and we discover our call to follow Jesus at various points in our lives. The church recognizes this wonderful variety by offering individuals opportunity to Confirm their faith, Reaffirm their faith or to recognize their movement into this branch of Christ’s one, holy and apostolic church through Reception.

Each of these paths is a little different and one may be more appropriate than another. For example, many were baptized as infants, and their parents and godparents affirmed the baptismal vows for them. As such persons come to maturity, the rite of Confirmation is appropriate for them to now accept responsibility for the baptismal vows once made on their behalf. Others find themselves joining our parish having worshiped for many years in another part of the Body of Christ. For such individuals the rite of Reception (being received into the Anglican/Episcopal Church) may be more appropriate. Still others may have been baptized and confirmed but strayed away from vital participation in the church. They now find a desire to make a "recommitment" to their Christian faith. For such individuals the rite of Reaffirmation would probably be more appropriate.

Each of us is on a journey in faith but our paths are different. To determine which of these rites, generally discussed as "Confirmation," is appropriate for you, please make an appointment to speak with our Pastor. For young people considering Confirmation, please know that it is the policy of our Pastor and of the Bishop that young people must be in at least the eighth grade or higher to be Confirmed. Candidates also must be active members of Church of the Epiphany and Christ Church, usually for at least a year, prior to their request to enroll for Confirmation.

In our Diocese, Confirmation takes place during the Easter season. Confirmation takes place at Trinity and St. Philip's Cathedral in Newark, usually on a Saturday morning or afternoon. Congregations in the same region (District) present their candidates for Confirmation at the same time at the Cathedral.

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