“The best teacher in the world” in 2018 is the teacher in England

By | April 17, 2018

“The best teacher in the world” in 2018 is the teacher in England . Andria Zafirakou, from the poorest region in the UK, has just received a $ 1 million grant for educational contributions.

On March 18th, The Guardian informed Andria Zafirakou, an art and textile teacher from the Alperton Community College in Brent, London, who was announced as the first Englishman to win the $ 1 million Global Teacher Award. .

In the congratulatory telegram at the ceremony, British Prime Minister Theresa May said the award was a tribute to Zafirakou’s work.

“A good teacher needs persistence, skill and generous heart. These are the qualities you shared with students every day. Thank you for all that you have and continue to contribute, “Ms. May said.

The best teacher in the world

“By letting students share about life, I discovered many of them have very crowded, crowded places where many families live together under one roof.

Some students told me to do homework in the bathroom, try to take a few minutes alone to concentrate, “Zafirakou said.

As a result, she teaches more hours off and on weekends to help them have a quiet space to study.

“The miracle is that even if they experience any problems at home, despite the pain of any loss in life, the school is theirs,” she said.

Unquestionably, when receiving the award, Ms. Zafirakou shared that all teachers in England were extremely hardworking and the rewards on her hands were for all teachers and teachers of the “fog island” .

When asked what she would do with the bonus, she replied, “I will think twice, but as you know, I think it would be great if the arts develop in my school.”

She calls for support for “the power of art” and argues that schools can make a positive difference in the lives of children through innovative subjects.

The best teacher in the world

“I have seen how art works to help children communicate well,” says Zafirakou, “and art gives them confidence and creates incredible youth.”

According to The Times, Brent Town is one of the poorest in Britain. This is also the region of violence, which has the second highest murder rate in the country. The 2011 Census indicates that there are about 149 languages ​​used.

In the effort to create bonding with students, Zafirakou has learned to say hello, practicing basic sentences in 35 languages ​​such as Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil to interact with students from different backgrounds. .

The Evening Standard said that in 12 years at the Alparton School, she regularly visited the students’ families, either by bus or picking up students at the school gate.

Zafirakou has also redesigned the curriculum with colleagues to make it effective for students and set up school sports clubs exclusively for girls – very important in a conservative sex community.

Next to the $ 1 million award, Zafirakou will become the global ambassador of the Varkey Foundation. The condition is that she must continue teaching for at least five years and the bonus will be paid regularly for 10 years.

Last year, Canadian teacher Maggie MacDonnell won the Global Teacher Award for student dedication in Salluit, a remote village in northern Quebec, Canada.

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