Teacher’s concerns about the History program

By | April 17, 2018

“In the draft, distributed history program set 105 more but we added only 100 more! There are 35 subject-matter, where is the division or layout? ”

On January 19, the Ministry of Education and Training announced the draft curriculum and educational activities in the new general education program for comments.

It is known that the new general education program is expected to begin nationwide from 2019-2020 with grade 1 of elementary school, from the 2020-2021 school year with grade 6 of junior high school and from 2021 to 2022 with grade 10 of high school.

Answering the question “What is the new education program that will overcome the students’ fear of studying history?” By Vietnam Electronic Education Newspaper at the press conference, Professor Pham Hong Tung – The curriculum editor for History says:

“In the new general education curriculum, the textbook committee sets out three tasks for teachers teaching history. First, make sure your students are fascinated with History. Secondly, teaching history should be a science. Third, teachers must analyze students’ understanding of where and how to apply history. ”

After the Ministry of Education and Training announced, through the understanding, in the opinion of the team teachers History of a high school in Hanoi has some questions about the draft program History . According to a teacher proposed to remain anonymous: “In the draft, the distribution of the program set 105 more but we combined only 100 more! What are the 35 subject matter classes or the outside school layout? So schools that do not have the funds to pay for the teachers can not do it! Want to implement the program, the training, fostering professional how? “.

Because of the teacher’s assessment, in the center of the capital, but the quality of professional training of the history of this year is very low efficiency teachers are not satisfied. The older teachers, if they have no sense of self-improvement, have backward knowledge (especially in information technology); The young teachers are trained in information technology in the university, have experience but the professional level is mostly weak due to knowledge of life and lack of practical, heavy teaching method of transmission. but not regularly.

In addition, the history teachers of this high school also found that, if the current program is heavy on knowledge but separated by the ancient, middle, near and modern time and the new program is near Classes 10 and 11 are all about ancient, modern, modern, and twelve modules of the foreign relations of Vietnam from ancient to modern!

At the moment, they ask: “Is the layout of such a program coincides with the resistance learned in the lower layer? Ask the Minister to stop this kind of mechanical integration. Also, when watching the curriculum history subjects, the teacher noticed, the class 10 program is still as heavy as before. The current curriculum is long; students must study both primitive, ancient, intermediate and semi-modern;

The new program is hard to argue for high school students aged 14, 15! In addition, the Ministry’s proposal to combine parenting in teaching History is: “Parents listen to children tell story history” and “explore with the local history,” according to the teacher History is that it is fiction. Because of the current social situation, many living-in families do not allow them to do so, nor does the teacher have time to approach their parents!

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