Children’s Ministry

Children's Ministry

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Sunday School

Christ Church has a small but growing body of children for whom Sunday School is something they wake their parents up early Sunday mornings to be sure to get them to church on time!  Children up to age 12 attend Sunday School from 10:30 AM and enter the service around the time of the exchange of the Peace. On the first Sunday of the month Sunday School does not meet and children are encouraged to sit with their parents during the full service.  They are usually invited to join the celebrant at the altar for the communion rite where some of them will get to hold and raise the consecrated bread and chalice.

Whether you are visiting or a regular member, you and your young children are always welcome to come to participate in Sunday School, which is held upstairs in our Education wing. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to speak with our adult Sunday School teachers to learn more about our program and to share any needs or concerns for their children.

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