What's In A Consolidation?

Since formally coming together under one roof in November, many members have asked "when will we merge" and "Why can't we do it now?" While leadership initially was reluctant to use the term "merge," that term is now on the lips of many in our congregations. The legal term we use for two congregations merging is "consolidation."

For two congregations to consolidate requires three simple steps under the statutes of the State of New Jersey.

Embracing Forgiveness

Tuesdays at 12:45 & Thursdays at 6:30

A five-week Lenten video study with the Rev'd Barbara Crafton, noted preacher and teacher, begins Tuesday, February 16th at 12:45 and Wednesday, February 17th at 7 PM (preceded by pot-luck supper at 6:30). The series will continue throughout Lent on Tuesday and Thursdays. All are welcome to participate. Watch for more information in our Sunday Paper.

Annual Absalom Jones Day
Sunday, February 21 at 3 PM

The 2016 celebration of the first person of African descent to be ordained a deacon and priest in the Episcopal Church will take place in the Trinity and St. Phillip's Cathedral, 608 Broad Street in Newark on Sunday, February 21st at 3 PM. The service is free and open to the public.

From the Pastor


Father Joseph Harmon

We are glad you are visiting our website and hope you will find helpful information about our congregations.  Join us for worship Sunday mornings at Church of the Epiphany and Christ Church, 105 Main Street in Orange, at 10:00. Check out the other activities and events you'll discover on our site.  May you know God's blessing and presence!


Christ Church and Church of the Epiphany

Established as a congregation in 1868, Christ Church is a place of uplifting worship and music, Gospel-focused preaching and teaching, and community activity and involvement.  Founded as a church for black people in 1905 when few other Episcopal churches welcomed them, Church of the Epiphany has a long and storied history as a place of welcome and center for community involvement. Come walk the path with us as together we seek to follow Jesus day by day.