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2016 Pet Blessing


In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the animals, we blessed pets and stuffed animals Sunday, October 2nd. Great Fun!!


Consolidation Update



Our Special Parish Meeting on october 16 resulted in the elction of new wardens and vestry to serve our consoidtaed parioh as well as three Deputies to the 2017 Diocesan Convention. Under our specialrules,half thewardens and vestry members come from each congregation. The same rule did not apply to the elction of the Deputies. Elected were:

From Christ Church membership:

               Warden (Class of 2017): Yvonne Adighibe 

               Vestry (Class of 2017)  : Latisha Williams  

               Vestry (Class of 2018)  : Janet Parker  

               Vestry (Class of 2019)   : Robert Simmons  

From Church of the Epiphany membership:

               Warden (Class of 2018) : A. Lorraine Jones 

               Vestry (Class of 2017)  : Laurie Folkes  

               Vestry (Class of 2018)  : Rosa Jackson  

               Vestry (Class of 2019)  : Nelson Diaz  

Elected Deputies to the 2017 Diocesan Convention: Constance Horsley, A. Lorraine Jones and Militza Diaz.                     



Each congregation will gather in separate meetings following services on Sunday, October 30th for the purpose of balloting on the question of consolidation. To succeed, each congregation must adopt the questions on the consolidation ballot by a three-fourth's super majority. If three-fourths of each congregation approve the consolidation then it will become official when the final documents are filed with the county clerk.

From the Pastor

Father Joseph Harmon

We are glad you are visiting our website and hope you will find helpful information about our congregations.  Join us for worship Sunday mornings at Church of the Epiphany and Christ Church, 105 Main Street in Orange, at 8 and 10 AM. Check out the other activities and events you'll discover on our site.  May you know God's blessing and presence!

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Established as a congregation in 1868, Christ Church is a place of uplifting worship and music, Gospel-focused preaching and teaching, and community activity and involvement.  Founded as a church for black people in 1905 when few other Episcopal churches welcomed them, Church of the Epiphany has a long and storied history as a place of welcome and center for community involvement. Come walk the path with us as together we seek to follow Jesus day by day.